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13 December 1991
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i'm bigghost but you can call me big
Before: i love game, manga + comic and anime + cartoon
After: Arashi
I like something mystery, i like all of traditional, culture, foods,history,etc... i love explore everything and science , experiments
I wanna learn something new
I love art and animal alot
"Family is the gift of my life

If you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

Once thing i can say: i'm so honour to know them,become their fan and supporting them because i love Arashi and they're the first and only group that i love and become a fan"

3 reasons to make my life so meaning... because i know you're here and always beside me... i'm so thankful and treasure them 4ever
About Arashi: http://arashibg.livejournal.com/28090.html
Here is the post that i love... She wrote about Arashi:
Arashi, 1 fan dịch lại từ bài trên :)